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a couple of drawings I did for my friend’s cryptozoology zine, it’s a mermaid and a lamia woooOOOOoooooooOOOOoooooo




Silver/white hair love

I want to be this cool when I’m older

swoon central station.


"She of ocean floors, keep all waters clean - So all may thrive within.
In Your primeval seas the quivering protoplasmic dance of life shimmied into being; fragile and vulnerable forms slithered into existence. Oh, Amphitrite, You are the Fluidic Source of all nascency… Beautiful nacreous Lady of bounteous Pregnancies and Fecundity!!! Let Your increasing and intensifying Fertility and endless Creativity inspire us to ever developing spiritual and psychic expansion. We pray that Your undulating waters purify our souls as they cleanse our bodies. Without Your sacred fluids, your salten tangy-tasty Moisture, all organic activity would be stilled. The depths of the unconscious would dry up… The forces of life depend upon You, Mother of ocean depths - let us all be enlivened - most Holy Thetis - Hail Amphitrite - blessings to Everyone!”

Orphic Hynm to Amphitrite

You can't abandon Ms. Flint! What fictional character will I pester??? Seriously don't abandon this. You've created such a gem with your interpretation of a minor character. :)

//nobody even likes her anyway….no, it’s me they don’t like. the fandom doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. :I and now other people are writing about Ms. Flint so. nobody ever appreciated this blog anyway, I’ve done this for myself since the beginning. I’m sure no one in the fandom will even care if I delete this. They’ll probably celebrate.